Q. I am a begginer. What classes can beginners take?

A. All classes marked (B) on the class schedule are suitable for begginers.

Q. How do I pay for the class?

A. We recommend you to make reservation in advance and make payment on the day when you take the class.

Q. Where is the studio located?

A. We are located 5 min walk from Exit 1 of Hongik Univ. Station.

Q. What songs do I learn to dance to in classes?

A. Please find the sample videos of each classes in the “CLASS” category.

Q. How much can I learn from a one-time class?

A. The time for each class is 70 min. Basically, you might be able to learn one verse but it depends on the capability of each person.

Q. I want to learn K-POP dance. What classes would be appropriate?

A. We recommend you to take the K-POP(Girl) or K-POP(Boy) classes. Please find schedule for each classed in the schedule table.

Q. I want to apply an audition as a foreigner. What classes would be appropriate?

A. We have an audition class and K-pop idol prep. course as well. Please have interview with our counselor for the planning to apply an audition.

Q. I don’t speak Korean. Is there any problem with taking classes?

A. It would be fine as our instructors can speak some English.

Q. What should I prepare for the classes?

A. Please bring your casual wear and shoes to put on during the classes.

Q. Is there any room in the studio to change clothes?

A. There is locker rooms in the studio you can use any time.

Q. I want to learn dance as a group. Is it possible to open a class for us?

A. Please let us know the number of people, what kind of dance want to learn, the time want to book. We will arrange the class for you according to the situation.

Q. Can I take a vedio of the class?

A. Our studio is avaiable to take videos but you sould ask the other classmates and instructor for consent.

Q. Is drinking water available?

A. There is a vending machine in the studio and 1 bottle of water costs 500won each.

Q. What kind of class is CHOREO?

A. CHOREO stands for Choreography which you can say that is the instructor’s style dance.

Q. How can I contact you if I want to get more detailed counseling?

A. Please contact us through instagram DM or e-mail for more details.

Q. What time is the studio open from?

A. The studio opens from 2pm to 10pm for ragular classes and also open earlier in case of other programs.

Q. How much is the class fee?

A. Please find the class fee information in the “CLASS” category.